Façade retention of old metro garages, in Cuatro Caminos, Madrid.

On the occasion of the construction of a new residential space in what were the old garages and workshops of the Madrid metro, designed by Antonio Palacios and which are located near Cuatro Caminos roundabout, in the area framed between streets Reina Victoria, Esquilache, Pablo Iglesias Ave and Ramiro II, dating from 1918, it has been necessary to preserve part of the façade that faces Esquilache street.

ALSHOR type falsework, for the indoor pool mezzanine slab. nº3, Cea Bermúdez st.

On the occasion of the construction of an indoor swimming pool, which will be located at nº3 of Cea Bermúdez street, and whose realization is awarded to the Cyopsa Company, it has been necessary to install a formwork system to make different slabs.

Façade retention in Padre Jofre st. Valencia

Facade retention for a property located in the downtown area of the city of Valencia. Located in a pedestrian street, it was a basic condition to maintain access to the community garages as well as the circulation of delivery vehicles, so the occupation of the road was critical for the retenion of the facade of this building, consisting of the basement plus four floors.

Estabilizador de Fachada en Calle San Fernando (Valencia) con Grupo Bertolín

Estabilizador de fachada para edificio situado en el centro de la ciudad de Valencia. La tipología peatonal de la calle, la necesidad de mantener el acceso a los garajes comunitarios así como la circulación de vehículos de emergencia, supuso un importante hándicap para la estabilización de fachada de este edificio, con estructura de bajo más tres plantas.

calle Oliva (Vigo) con Desarrolla

Estabilización de tres fachadas y apeo de cornisa del mayor edificio del Casco Vello de Vigo, consta de tres alturas (B+II).
Se optó por una solución de estabilización mixta interior y exterior, debido a la estrechez de las calles, colocándose una torre de estructura Granshor contrapesada en la fachada de la calle Oliva, por ser la de mayor longitud.

Conference Center Doña Letizia, Oviedo

Roof structure shoring made with frames and Megaprop towers up to 35 m. high. A clear example of the great versatility of the Megaprop Meccano.

Marathon Street, Madrid

Forged formwork with Slimdek, made up of girders, girders and props up to 6 m., with three-layer panel lining.

Hospital City, Panama

For the execution of the slabs of the country’s largest hospital complex, the design of Alshor Plus aluminium tables was chosen, which, thanks to their movement without disassembly, on the floor through wheeled carriages or between floors by means of a “C” hook on a crane, allow the best performance and minimum costs.

Police Station, Villanueva de la Cañada

The Reflex curved formwork can withstand concrete pressures of up to 60 KN/ m2 and can be easily adjusted to be reused from one building site to another, without dismantling, for all curves with a radius greater than 2.5 m.

Arenales del Sol Hotel, Alicante

Structure of Megaprop towers more than 25 m. high for support of protection canvas work for hotel in coastal area. System that allows support of high wind loads.