Conference Center Doña Letizia, Oviedo

Roof structure shoring made with frames and Megaprop towers up to 35 m. high. A clear example of the great versatility of the Megaprop Meccano.

Marathon Street, Madrid

Forged formwork with Slimdek, made up of girders, girders and props up to 6 m., with three-layer panel lining.

Hospital City, Panama

For the execution of the slabs of the country's largest hospital complex, the design of Alshor Plus aluminium tables was chosen, which, thanks to their movement without disassembly, on the floor through wheeled carriages or between floors by means of a "C" hook on a crane, allow the best performance and minimum costs.

Police Station, Villanueva de la Cañada

The Reflex curved formwork can withstand concrete pressures of up to 60 KN/ m2 and can be easily adjusted to be reused from one building site to another, without dismantling, for all curves with a radius greater than 2.5 m.

Arenales del Sol Hotel, Alicante

Structure of Megaprop towers more than 25 m. high for support of protection canvas work for hotel in coastal area. System that allows support of high wind loads.

Cuelez Vélez treatment plant, Colombia

Lightweight Minima wall formwork system. It is a modular system with panels that allows use without cranes thanks to its low weight (30kg/m2), maintaining high load capacities with 60kN/m2.

Door of Fontelonga, Ferrol

Structure with Superslim Beam for the shoring of slopes at risk of detachment. Thanks to the versatility of the Superslim Meccano, any structure for load stabilization is possible.

Soho Mall, Panama City, Panama

Slab formwork made with tables independent of the Alshor Plus system and 2 levels of aluminium beams. These tables move horizontally with wheels and vertically with "C" hook, adapting to the different free heights, with load capacities of up to 120 Kn per foot.

Leon Cathedral

Working platform supported by brackets for restoration.

estabilizador fachada olivillo

El Olivillo Building, Cádiz

The building has a W-floor created from different structural modules executed at different times. It was necessary to maintain most of the facades, except for the roof posts and the rear facades of the central module. The façade to be maintained is about 18.2 m high from the street floor to the top of the roof. Some 146ml of façade are maintained, so the area of walls to be conserved amounts to some 2,657 square metres.

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