Tiered Bridge South Round, Talavera

Innovative support system with Megaprop “W” props that carries the load of the full width of the deck (36m) up to centered supports in the foundations of the 2 central temporary piles, thus minimizing the need for foundations in the Tagus River bed.

Bridge of the Third Millennium, Zaragoza

Structure of shoring towers and Megaprop porticoed formwork support system made up of Superslim and T200 beams, for the execution of the Arch of the Third Millennium Bridge, which served as the entrance to the Universal Expo in Zaragoza. With a length of 246 m., it is a World Record for Cable-stayed Arch Concrete Bridge.

Bridge El Bosque, Bucaramanga, Colombia

Multiple porticoed structure of RMDK standard profiling, supported on Megaprop towers and load scaffolding for box section bridge. It allows the transit through triple mixed portico during the execution of the upper board. Formwork structure with Superslim and T200 beams.

Bridge over the Guadalfeo River, Granada

Kwistage curdled and porticoed formwork with R700 trusses for spans of up to 40 m.

Bridge over the Ozama River, Santo Domingo, Dominican R.

Support beam on pylons with Megatrus lattice and formwork with Superslim beams and wooden beams.

Vía Rápida Camara de Lobos, Madeira, Portugal

Example of a combination of different solutions for a portico support system. With Megaprop towers that, depending on the span, support RMDK standard profiles or R700 trusses, for the support of a box deck with longitudinal slopes and variable transverse camber, using a formwork boat structure with Superslim and T200 beams and double bottom.

Viaduct Basagoiti, Mondragon

“V” pile formwork made up of Superslim and T200 beams. Shoring system made up of R700 trusses and Megaprop towers.

Vto. Palacios, LAV Madrid- Galicia Tr. Cernadilla- Pedralba

Kwikstage shoring system to support formwork boats made up of Superslim and T200 beams for the construction of a viaduct with a box section. This is an economic and high-performance system for the construction of bridges and viaducts of medium height when the support terrain has the appropriate load capacity.

Duques de Alba, Santander

Structure with support to piles through Megaprop props and superior grating with standard RMDK beams, which allows the hanging of the formwork for in situ concreting of the slab of Duques de Alba structures.

Station 5 de Mayo, L1 Metro, Panama

Thanks to the versatility of the Mecano system with Superslim beams, structures such as the one shown are possible, which allow the support for the concreting of the subway slab leaving the passage of tracks, hollow for the transport belt,… all combined with support in platform area with high load Alshor Plus aluminium system (120kN per foot).