Access to the Port of Cadiz, Cadiz

Shoring of screens at crest beam level for high loads, using pairs of Megaprop triple struts braced on the ground plan. Once pre-assembled, the system can be moved to different positions on site, adjusting itself without problems.

San Francisco Building, Colombia

Shoring of piles with supply of RMD300 distribution beam. Due to the loads, it was necessary to use trusses with single Megaprop top and bottom cord, braced together on the ground for square supports, avoiding the need for ground anchors.

Stanza Building, Colombia

Shoring of piles with supply of RMD300 distribution beam. Load transmission system with Megaprop single strut reinforced with lower lattice, which allows large spans with minimal arrows.

Pep Ventura Station, Barcelona

Megaprop structure with double upper and lower chord lattice for high load support. Stabilizes diaphragm walls during the excavation phase up to the construction of the lower counter vault.

L9 Metro, Barcelona

Shoring of screen walls made with Megaprop, triangular frames and telescopic tensioners.

Mercado de Abastos, Soria

Cornering system of crowning beam of pile screen, using light Megaprop single strand prop system with upper truss to facilitate the maximum excavation tasks.

New Underground Vial in the Marina Basin, A Coruña

Shoring of screen walls using Megaprop quadruple prop to support high loads. The system allows its movement to different positions adapting its adjustment thanks to rotation angles and Megaprop end jacks.

Headquarters of the College of Architects of Madrid.

Megaprop structure with latticework of simple upper and lower cordon that allows load support for large spans, thus allowing the emptying for the implementation of the current headquarters of the College of Architects of Madrid.