Specialists in formwork and shoring systems for the construction of Stadiums and present in the Iberian sector since 1991. Our systems allow to form and brace different reinforced concrete, precast concrete and metal structures present in the construction of the stadiums. INCYE´s systems can always accommodate the different types of structures and any support conditioner in the most efficient possible way


The systems of Formwork and Shoring for stadiums combine different types of support elements (curved trusses, Megaprop towers, gantries, trusses, …), which allow to remove elements of any typology of tiers and decks, with modular formwork systems (both Maxima and Minima panels as primary beam systems Superslim and secondary T-200) that allows to form foundations, pillars, beams and slabs.


The assembly of our structures is always simple and versatile, from the modular system of the Kwikstage falsework or the meccano system for Megaprop towers, to the modular system for special formwork with panels or SS and T-200 beams. The meccano configuration of the Megaprop heavy duty system allows with great versatility the support in any situation, including supports at different levels of tier, inclined configurations, … Always standard equipment for customized solutions.


All the systems used for the construction of Stadiums present, in all their typologies, a wide range of accessories that ensure safety, both in the assembly phases and in the finished structure.


Our product range is designed to provide high strength and maximum efficiency. This wide range of designs with INCYE´s equipment allows a specific solution for each type of structure, and with it, lower assembly times and costs. It means we can design structures with a minimum number of components and guarantee a cost-effective solution for needs on site

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