Removal of roof structure made with gantries and Megaprop towers of up to 35 m height. Clear sample of the great versatility of Megaprop mechano.

Shoring of the walls at the level of coronation beam for high loads, using pairs of triple props Megaprop braced in plant. Once pre-assembled the system allows its movement to

Shoring of piles with distribution beam RMD300 Due to the loads, truss was required with simple upper and lower Megaprop beams, braced to each other in plan for square supports,

Shoring of piles with distribution beam RMD300 Load transmission system with Megaprop reinforced single strut with lower truss, which allows large spans with minimal arrows.

Megaprop structure with trusses with double upper and lower beams for high load support. Stabilize retaining walls during the excavation phase to the lower counterbore

Shoring of walls made with Megaprop, triangular frames and telescopic tensioners.

Pile coronation beam shoring system, using Megaprop single strut lightweight system with top truss to make excavation tasks as easy as possible.

Shoring of retaining walls using Megaprop quadruple prop for high load support. The system allows its movement to different positions adapting its adjustment thanks to angles of rotation and Megaprop

Megaprop structure with truss of simple upper and lower bead that allows load support for large spans, thus allowing emptying for the execution of the current headquarters of the College

The Megaprop outdoor towers of more than 30 m of height they allow the rehabilitation of historical building of the centric Vía Layetana of Barcelona, ​​for its hotel use.

For the rehabilitation of this building of 1906 in one of the main avenues of the city, a stabilizer with Megaprop external towers and Superslim belts was designed, being able

Stabilizer made with Superslim and Megaprop beams for the rehabilitation of the old Plaza de Toros de Las Arenas Its simple assembly and versatility allows us to satisfy any need

Stabilizer of two facades, with internally stiffened corner and Megaprop towers counterweighted for exterior stabilization of the rest of the façade.

With Megaprop exterior towers and cornices´ shoring. A structure with inclined struts Megaprop has allowed the shoring of the entry porch letting heavy vehicle access to the site

Exterior stabilizer with Megaprop towers with two façades in the center of Bilbao and an integrated protection marquee structure. Former Albia Coliseum to turn it into the Casino of Bilbao.

The Megaprop outdoor counterbalanced tower allows the complete emptying of the old Hostal Valira, holding the 4 facades during the execution of the new structure for the Hotel.

Stabilization structure for the main facade with Megaprop outdoor tower counterbalanced and without support for dividing walls

Interior structure in the shape of tube with three stiffened facades using flat trusses of Superslim structure

Interior stabilization of three facades and staircase with Superslim structure, as well as the recess of the main balconies of the building. The internal stabilization solution led to significant savings

Structure with Superslim beams to brace dividing walls and interior stabilization of the façade, which allows the demolition of the old interior structure.

Formwork forged with Slimdek, composed of sopandas, portaasopanda and struts up to 6 m., With lining of three-layer boards.

For the execution of the slabs of the largest hopital complex in the country, the design of Alshor Plus aluminum panels was chosen, which allows, thanks to their movement without

The curved Reflex formwork withstands concrete loads of up to 60 KN / m2 and can easily be adjusted to be reused from one site to another, without dismantling, for

Structure of Megaprop towers over 25 m height to support canvas of protection of the works for hotel in coastal zone. System that allows support of high wind loads.

Light system of Minima wall formwork. It is a modular system by panels that allows use without cranes thanks to its low weight (30kg / m2), maintaining high load capacities

Structure with Superslim beam for the shoring of slope in risk of detachment. Thanks to the versatility of the Meca Superslim, any structure for load stabilization is possible.

Slab formwork made with independent panels of the Alshor Plus system and 2 levels of aluminum beams These panels move horizontally with wheels and vertically with “C” hook adapting to

Innovative support system with Megaprop struts in “W” that takes the load of the full width of the board (36m) to supports centered on the foundations of the 2 temporary

Structure of shoring towers and gantry system Megaprop of formwork support composed of Superslim and T200 beams, for the execution of Arco del Puente del Tercer Milenio, which served as

Multiple porticoed structure of RMDK standard profiling, supported on Megaprop towers and load scaffolding for box section bridge. It allows the transit through triple mixed portico during the execution of

Formwork, curved Kwistage formwork and gantry with R700 trusses for spans up to 40 m.

Support beam of board on pylons with Megatrus latticework and formwork with Superslim beams and wooden beams.

Example of combination of different solutions to support porticoed system. With Megaprop towers that, depending on the span, support RMDK standard profiles or R700 trusses, for the support of a

“V” stack formwork formed by Superslim and T200 beams. Falsework consisting of R700 trusses and Megaprop towers.

Kwikstage formwork system as a support for shuttering ships formed by Superslim and T200 beams for execution of viaduct with box section. This is an economic system and of high

Structure with support for piles through Megaprop struts and top grid with standard RMDK beams, which allows the hanging of the formwork for RC concrete slab of dolphin structures.

Thanks to the versatility of the Meccano system with Superslim beams, structures like the one shown are possible, which allow the support for the concreting of the subway slab allowing

The Las Cruces hydroelectric project consists of a RCC dam with a free spillway of 50 m. of height, a tunnel of deviation of 230 m. in length, a pressure

Megaprop structure hung in stack for on-site execution of the upper lintel.

Apeo de arco metálico realizado con torres Megaprop de hasta 32 m.Metallic arch shoring made with Megaprop towers of up to 32 m height.

Pedestrian footbridge of 33 m length made with H33 truss and Kwikstage falsework.

Special truck for concrete of 7,5 m. length by execution phase. Equipped with hoists for demolding, movement of special metallic formwork panels for partially submerged work.

Friction clamp for movement of blocks of 60 and 90 Tn.

Special metal formwork and movement trolley with external traction, with pneumatic vibrators for tunnel lining.

Climbing formwork for stacks up to 70 m. of height with advance of 5 m. per laying.

Wing carriage for widening of the viaduct board, with traffic maintenance. Structure composed of Superslim, Megaprop and Megatruss beams (up to 5 m of bending and max bending moment of

High load lifting system with multiple Megaprop struts, combined with upper hydraulic system that allows bridge lifting for neoprene change.

Work platform supported by brackets for restoration.

Examples of RAMP structures made with Superslim beams for exhibitions of off-road vehicles for temporary fairs

Megaprop high-load derrick towers for Dowcomer 60 m. of height and loads of 600 Ton Due to the high horizontal component of load, the integrated design of stabilization truss to

Composed mainly of Superslim beams, Maxima panels and other INCYE products.

Walkway made with SUPERSLIM standard beams and accessories, with a total length of 35 m and an intermediate support The supports (ends and intermediate) are made with SUPERSLIM towers and

Deck shoring made with Megaprop towers of up to 50 m. of height for the remodeling of the stadium for the Eurocup 2016.

The versatility of the Superslim meccano allows the creation of structures for advertising support towers and integrated marquee like the ones in this project for a service station.

building projects, PROJECTS

The building has a W-floor created from different structural modules executed at different times. It was necessary to maintain most of the facades, except for the roof lattice masts and



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