INCYE has extensive experience in the construction sector, collaborating with our clients from the definition and study phase to the execution of a large number of projects, with solutions of very different types, both in Civil Works and in Building.

INCYE puts at the disposal of these projects a high level engineering and experience and teams of proven capacity and versatility, to find the most efficient solution for every need on site.

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INCYE ground shoring projects cover all kinds of solutions for walls, diaphragm walls, concrete piles, micropiles,etc. With or without distribution beams, being able to respond to these needs with three systems: Megaprop Beams, Granshor trusses and Pipeshor tubes.

equipment for building, PROYECTS3

Responding to the needs of both Residential and Non-Residential Building, INCYE has extensive experience in systems for props, formwork for pillars, walls, slabs, tanks, work platforms, stands and a long etcetera.

equipment for building, PROYECTS3

Thanks to the SuperSlim, Megaprop and Granshor products, INCYE always has the optimal solution for this type of stabilization, in which the loads on the façade are transferred through external towers to the counterweights.

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In this type of solution, INCYE’s stiffening systems partially replace the bracing generated by a deck on building façades, to allow their demolition for the new construction.

equipment for building, PROYECTS3

Incye responds, within this broad sector, to solutions as different as trolleys, tunnels, shoring towers, formwork and clamps for dyke blocks, cantilever beams, dragscreed, formwork for dams, walkways, etc.

equipment for building, PROYECTS3

From the foundations to the decks, arches and pylons, thanks to INCYE engineering and equipment, no typology lacks an optimal response, whether for end-to-end falsework solutions, frame-type trusses or shoring towers.

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