Ground shoring

Diaphragm wall, concrete pile wall and micropile wall shorings

Pioneers in ground shoring and propping systems and leaders in the Iberian Peninsula since 1991. Our systems allow the temporary shoring of foundation walls, enabling excavation until the subsequent execution of the final slabs.

Definition of a ground shoring system

This system allows us to hold the walls / diaphragm walls / concrete piles / micropiles, subjected to the thrust of the surrounding ground, while the excavation is carried out. Finally, the thrust force will be withstood by the definitive structure.

These ground shoring systems allow a wide range of loads and lengths, depending on the needs of the project.

Simplicity and versatility

Its assembly is as simple as that of a meccano and so versatile that it allows us to satisfy any on-site need.


Minimal the risk of cracks or damage to the diaphragm walls thanks to its high stiffness and the ability to elimante any gaps by means of threaded jacks. This is an extra advantage that differentiates it from other systems that use gap-sensitive elements such as welded structures.


Our products are designed to provide high strength with a minimum set of components. Thus, we deliver an optimal solution for any type of work.

Main ground shoring systems

INCYE’s ground shoring systems are based on three types of equipment: meccano formed by Megaprop beams and accessories, Granshor modular trusses system and Pipeshor tubular prop system.


The Granshor truss system is designed to withstand high axial loads of up to 3,900 kN (ULS) per truss.


The Pipeshor tube system is designed to withstand high axial loads of up to 7,900 kN (ULS) per strut.


The Megaprop beam system is designed to withstand high axial loads of up to 1,000 kN (SLS) per strut.



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