Outdoor façade retentions

What is an outdoor façade retention system and what is it for?

“This system is the most widely used, since it is the only one that allows the interior of the building to be kept completely clutter-free. Thus, the demolition of the previous structure of the building and the execution of the new one can be carried out conveniently and without interference, 

In the outdoor façade retention, the horizontal forces of the wind on the façade are transmitted to the exterior towers, at each level, through the waler beams, and from them, subsequently, to the concrete counterweights.

Thanks to our Megatruss, Granshor, Megaprop and Superslim systems, our Engineering Department conceives the optimal design, always adapted to the specific requirements of the building environment (trees, streetlights, pedestrian crossing, vehicle crossing, etc.)

An additional advantage is that on the first levels of the structure portable worksite cabins and above-ground platforms can be placed, allowing the circulation of pedestrians.

Façade before
the demolition
Façade retention supporting the historic façade while the new building structure is erected
Finished building with the
historic façade

Main outdoor façade retention systems


The strongest modular system, with Megaprop beams creating stiff trusses perpendicular to the façade. Suitable for sidewalks up to (and over) 5m wide, Megatruss guarantees superior strength and stiffness.


System with a compression capacity of up to 3.900 kN ULS per truss. Its modular configuration using fully welded segments allows for high stiffness with minimum depth.


Beam with compression capacty of of up to 1.000 kN SLS per leg. Its modular configuration can accommodate any shape according to specific work needs.


Lighweight beams with a compression capacity of 150 kN SLS per foot. It is the most versatile lightweight modular system.

Projects carried out with outer façade retentions



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