Formwork and shoring systems for the construction of Dams

Specialists in the design and supply of falsework and formwork for the construction of dams and present in the sector since 1991. Our systems allow the realization of the different solutions necessary for each part of the dam, from the dam body itself, with climbing formwork, traveling formwork for tunnels and galleries, falsework and even dragscreed, to all attached structures including the powerhouse. All this combining standard INCYE equipment with special manufacturing equipment, developed thanks to expert engineering. 

System definition

The systems for the construction of dams in their different typologies combine standard INCYE equipment together with custom-made parts to respond to the specific needs of this kind of structures. 

The diversity of solutions for the different structures to be made is as wide as the specific needs of each work, with a common point for this type of work, high-capacity and durable equipment, with finishing using steel formwork panels (Alkus type) due to high turnover all in these applications

Simplicity and versatility

The assembly of our systems for the different areas of the Dam is taken into account from the beginning in their design, seeking the greatest simplicity of it for maximum performance and ease of assembly and handling, as well as durability. The custom design in each case ensures the versatility of the designed systems.


The designs for formwork and shoring equipment in dams always integrate the safety and manageability systems of the equipment apart from the functional specifications. In this way we ensure safe handling both in the assembly phases and in the finished structure.

Cost effectiveness

Our product range is designed to provide high strength and maximum efficiency. This wide range of designs with INCYE equipment, combined with special fabrications, enables a specific solution for each type of structure, and with it lower assembly times and costs as well as maximum durability, essential in this type of project.

Main Systems

Alshor Plus

Lightweight, high-capacity, modular aluminum falsework system with up to 120 kN SLS per foot, with built-in safety and productivity features that maximize your efficiency.


Large format panel formwork system, finished in Alkus lining (sandwich panel with outer and inner layer of polypropylene reinforced by two layers of aluminum) that gives it high durability as well as a great finish.


Traveling formwork for galleries with metallic finish, metallic formwork panels with climbing brackets, and tailor-made dragscreed according to the specific needs of each project.



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