Modular structures

Pioneers in Modular Structures and present in the sector since 1991. INCYE’s meccano type equipment allows the realization of multiple types of bolted modular structures, both for extensions of country houses, modular buildings (homes, offices, classrooms, warehouses …), as structures for audiovisuals (exhibitions, fairs, stages, advertising media …).

System definition

The Modular Structures system based fundamentally on the Superslim beam and its wide range of accessories, is constituted as a high capacity and versatile mechanism, capable of shaping the skeleton of any imaginable spatial structure, whether temporary or permanent. This structure constitutes the basis for any of the mentioned applications with different finishes depending on their use. 

Simplicity and versatility

The assembly of our modular structures is as simple as that of a mechano with bolted joints, and the versatility of the system together with the wide variety of accessories allows us to satisfy any need, also allowing the extension or reduction of the final structure depending on the evolution of needs.


Thanks to the mecano concept and the multiple accessories, the assembly works are always standardized, with the consequent benefit in terms of the safety of these Projects. In addition, the system is equipped with accessories that allow the formation of platforms and protections to guarantee safety both in the assembly phase and in the finished structure.

Cost effectiveness

Our equipments are designed to provide high strength and maximum efficiency without the need for custom-made manufacturing. This wide range of designs with INCYE equipment enables a specific solution for each type of structure, and thus lower assembly times and costs. Furthermore, the easy assembly and disassembly of the structures allows their reuse in different configurations.

Main systems


They are lightened beams with a working load capacity of 150kN SLS. It is the most versatile light meccano, used as a primary beam for the generation of formwork structures.


Beams designed to support axial loads of up to 1,000 kN SLS per foot. Its mechano configuration allows to generate towers of any section and height according to the needs of the work.

INCYE steel beams

INCYE standard beam systems, configurable for both distribution beams and frame systems, reach a maximum length of 16m, with different sections depending on the need.


Beam with upper and lower chord made of solid wood, with central plywood core joined to the chords by toothed joint. Used as a secondary formwork beam.



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