Wing concreting trolleys

Traveling formwork trolleys

Specialists in Wing Concreting Trolleys for the construction of Bridges and Viaducts and leaders in the Iberian sector since 1991 Our systems allow the execution of the cantilevers in RC concrete, precast concrete and mixed metal structures present in the construction of the bridges and viaducts. INCYE´s systems can always be adapted to the different types of structures and combine different support and movement systems in the most efficient possible way. 

Definition of the system

The systems of Wings Concreting Trolleys for Bridges and Viaducts, combine a meccano configuration of the different types of Superslim and Megaprop beams, with modular formwork system of primary Superslim beams and secondary T-200 to support the shuttering lining, generating a trolley-type spatial structure that allows at the same time the formwork, its support and the transfer system from phase to phase without the need for partial disassembling.

Simplicity and versatility

The assembly of our Wings Concrete Trolley is as simple as a meccano, and the versatility of the system, together with the great variety of measurements of beams and fittings, allows us to satisfy any need on site, no matter how complex it may be. Generating a self-supporting formwork trolley and with the possibility of equipping it with autonomous displacement system.


Thanks to the meccano concept and the multiple accessories, the assembly is always standardized, with the consequent benefit in terms of safety of these works. Besides, the system is always equipped with accessories that allow the formation of platforms and protections to ensure safety both in the assembly phase and in the finished structure.

Cost effectiveness

Our product range is designed to provide high strength and maximum efficiency. This wide range of designs with INCYE´s equipment allows a specific solution for each type of structure, and with it, lower assembly times and costs. It means that we can design structures with a minimum quantity of components and guarantee a cost-effective solution for your needs.



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