Heavy-duty towers

Heavy-duty shoring towers and elevations

Specialists in heavy-duty towers and special props, even with hydraulic support, for all kinds of uses in infrastructures and construction and leaders in the Iberian Peninsula since 1991. Our systems allow lowering and transmitting high loads to the ground during the assembly phases of different types of structures. The possibility of incorporating hydraulic units also makes it possible to control load and displacement.

System definition

INCYE’s high-load props systems are large mechanisms formed by the Megaprop, Superslim and Pipeshor families of systems, which allow shaping towers and structures whose objective is to serve as a support base for other structural elements such as stadium roofs, slabs and arches of bridges, deep beams … etc.

Thanks to INCYE’s excellent engineering department, we are able to provide a solution whatever the geometry and loads required by the client.

In the case of high-load towers, a fundamental determining factor is knowing the type of connection that the designer of the upper structure needs. For this reason, in this type of project we work hand in hand with the engineering team of the structure to be supported, since the design may require several iterations depending on the complexity of the structure.


Thanks to the meccano concept and the multiple accessories, the assembly works are always standardized with its benefits in terms of safety of these projects. In addition, the system is always equipped with accessories that allow the formation of platforms and protections to guarantee safety both in the assembly phase and in the finished structure.

Simplicity and versatility

The assembly of our Heavy Duty Towers is as simple as that of a meccano, and the versatility of the system together with the great variety of beam sizes and accessories allows us to satisfy any need on site, no matter how complex it may be.


Our product range is designed to provide high strength and maximum efficiency without the need for special manufacturing. This wide range of designs with INCYE equipment enables a specific solution for each type of structure, and thus lower assembly times and costs. This means that we can design structures with a minimum of components and the guarantee of a cost-effective solution for your construction needs.



The Pipeshor tube system is designed to withstand high axial loads of up to 7,900 kN (ULS) per strut.



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