Props and rehabilitation

Props and rehabilitation

Pioneers in props for Building and Rehabilitation and leaders in the Iberian Peninsula since 1991. INCYE’s prop systems, with their different families, allow for a wide range of loads, in all types of configurations, for both new construction and the rehabilitation sector.

Our prop systems

INCYE’s prop systems encompass a wide range of INCYE equipment, from steel falseworks such as the Kwikstage falsework to the aluminum ones such as Alshor Plus, to a wide range of beams such as Megaprop and Superslim. Using these systems or a combination of them, individual props, frames or towers are configured to receive temporary loads and transmit them to their support base according to the specific needs of the structure.

Simplicity and versatility

The assembly of our props is as simple as that of a meccano and the versatility of the system together with the wide variety of accessories allows us to satisfy any need on site.

Architectural preservation

This system allows to maintain the historical and architectural value of the building and at the same time, during the execution of the work, the aesthetics of the surroundings are maintained thanks to the simplicity and lightness of the structure.

Trusted company

We are pioneers in façade retentions and leaders in the Iberian Peninsula since 1991, responding to the challenges of supplying auxiliary equipment for both Rehabilitation and New Construction.



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