Façade retentions

We are pioneers in façade retentions and leaders in the sector since 1991

The façade retention, carried out with any of our systems, enables the façade to withstand the destabilizing effect of wind force. Thus, potential collapses are avoided both during demolition operations and during the execution of a new and definitive structure.

In the case of external retentions, the robustness of the system is ensured by the transmission of destabilizing loads to concrete counterweights through external towers.

On the other hand, in internal retentions, the system of waler beams and props replaces the building’s slabs, connecting the walls to be preserved to each other so that they work as a whole.

What is a façade retention?

The façade retention system is a meccano formed by Megatruss, Granshor, Megaprop and Superslim trusses. Regarding their functionality, they are used to support the façade while the interior of the building is completely demolished, with the aim of building a new internal structure.

This system allows to preserve the historical and architectural value of the building. During the execution of the work, the overall aesthetics of the surroundings is maintained thanks to the simplicity and low visual impact of the structure.

Façade retention applications

Façade retentions

Simplicity and versatility

Its assembly is very simple and versatile, as if it were a traditional meccano. Thus, we can cover any existing need on site.


Thanks to its high stiffness, it minimizes the risk of cracks or damage to the façade. This feature provides differential value with respect to other more flexible elements, such as scaffolding.


Our products are designed to provide high strength with a minimum set of components. Thus, we deliver an optimal solution for any type of work.



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