Remodeling of the Levante U.D. stadium

Levante U.D. decided to replace the roofing structure of its Ciutat de Valencia stadium at the end of the 2019-20 season, commissioning Grupo Bertolín to carry out the works. The highlight of the undertaking was the installation of a spectacular roof over the stands. The new roof has a total weight of 1,888 tons and a perimeter of 493 meters. For its installation, it was necessary to erect 28 temporary towers to support the different sectors of the roof, and to allow for welding work between segments. Due to the demanding technical requirements and tight deadlines for the completion of the works, Grupo Bertolín, relied on INCYE’s experience and technical ability in this type of undertakings. INCYE was hired to design, supply and erect the 28 shoring towers supported on the stands, as well as another 112 shoring elements under the stands to carry the loads to a [...]

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Modular shoring system: MEGAPROP

At INCYE we offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of each building project or civil works. Our storage and manufacturing warehouse, located at the Torrejón del Rey Park with an area of 30,000m2 is equipped with all the necessary machinery for the manufacture of metal structures. In our long history and experience we have designed a wide variety of unique products and equipment that, thanks to their level of quality, versatility, speed of assembly and efficiency, allow us to meet the specific requirements of each project at the best cost. We supply formwork systems, falsework, façade retentions, props and shoring systems and a wide variety of accessories that can be used in many temporary work applications. One of our featured products is Megaprop: Megaprop: A modular shoring system with a high load capacity. Modular shoring systems Shoring is the action of placing props to provisionally support with wooden, [...]

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