Temporary walkways

Specialists in design and supply of equipment for the construction of Temporary Walkways and present in the sector since 1991. Our designs and systems allow us to solve the different needs of each project, combining different available support systems, and responding to the necessary span without supports, as well as offering different finishes for stairs and access ramps as well as step platforms, according to the needs specified by the client. 

System definition

The systems for the construction of Temporary Walkways allow, with the combination of different standard INCYE equipment as well as the design and manufacture of special equipment, the realization of walkways for both construction workers and public, with stair access systems and / or on a ramp, as well as a platform of the necessary widths depending on the use, and with the appropriate span between supports.

The standard INCYE equipment used ranges from support structures based on Kwikstage or Alshor Plus formwork, or Superslim or Megaprop beams, combined with a footbridge body consisting of a Superslim beam structure, Megaprop beams, INCYE steel beams or H33 trusses, depending on the widths and the necessary spans.

Simplicity and versatility

The wide range of standard products for the realization of these platforms and a wide level of accessories within each type, allows maximum versatility in the design, being able to make walkways tailored to the needs of each project, seeking the greatest simplicity for maximum performance and ease mounting, as well as durability.


The designs for Temporary Walkways integrate from the origin the Safety systems of the equipment, with a wide range of accessories integrated in the different systems for generating platforms, accesses, side protections, ... In this way we ensure safe handling both in the phases assembly as in the finished structure.

Cost effectiveness

Our product range is designed to provide high strength and maximum efficiency. This wide range of designs with INCYE equipment enables a specific solution for each type of walkway, and thus lower assembly times and costs. This means that we can design walkways with a minimum of components and guarantee of the most cost-effective solution for construction needs.

Main systems

Alshor Plus

Lightweight, high-capacity, modular aluminum falsework system with up to 120 kN SLS per foot, with built-in safety and productivity features that maximize your efficiency.


Beams designed to support axial loads of up to 1,000 kN SLS per foot. Its mechano configuration allows to generate towers of any section and height according to the needs of the work.

INCYE steel beams

INCYE standard beam systems, configurable for both distribution beams and frame systems, reach a maximum length of 16m, with different sections depending on the need.

H33 trusses

Modular trusses system with a heavy-load capacity, to cover spans greater than 16m, with the possibility of transversely arranging it in packages according to the needs of the section to be supported.


They are lightened beams with a working load capacity of 150kN SLS. It is the most versatile light meccano, used as a primary beam for the generation of formwork structures.



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