51 Acacias St., Madrid


On the occasion of the construction of 105 homes for the promoter Gran Roque, on the plot located at the confluence of 51 Acacias St. and 2 Carmen Cobeña St. in Madrid, whose construction has been awarded to Espirea, it has been necessary to install a bracing system in two of the corners of the perimeter of the plot formed by diaphragm walls made up of piles.

Additional information

The length of the screen to be shored is 50.08 meters on the front and 29.78 meters on the left side and 25.36 meters on the right side. At level 1, the bracing system acts on the cap beam, and at level 2, the bracing system acts on the piles, so it is necessary to have RMD300 type waler beams that work together with the rest of the shoring system. 

Due to the special characteristics of the work in which lengths of up to 35.59 meters are required, the solution proposed by INCYE considers the use of three shoring systems, from our Megaprop system of up to 1000 kN of load capacity per unit, PIPESHOR tubular system, with a load capacity of up to 1,800 kN and the GRANSHOR truss system with a load capacity of up to 2,600 kN per truss.

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