Cea Bermúdez st., Madrid


Cyopsa, contractor for the construction of an indoor swimming pool at 3, Cea Bermúdez st. in Madrid, commissioned Incye the design and erection of a falsework system for the erection of multiple concrete slabs.

The mezzanine floor, at 8.70 m above the ground and with a surface of 30.40 m x 23.90 m, consists of a 1 m thick hollow-core slab.

Additional information

Incye used ALSHOR, an aluminum falsework system with capacity up to 120 kN per foot. 

ALSHOR stands out not only for its strength, but also for its quick unloading procedure. Once the concrete is strong enough to bear its own weight and ready for stripping, the load on the jacks (at the base of each foot) is easily released using a special spanner. This avoids potential damages to the jacks and simplifies the workmen’s physical effort.

Due to the light weight of aluminum and the easy assembly of ALSHOR system, it is possible to erect whole towers at the ground level and next put them in place with a crane. This eliminates above-the ground work, which translates into safety and speed.

ALSHOR base jacks are noteworthy for different reasons: 125 cm range, built-in measuring system for easy leveling, and self-cleaning system that prevents concrete and dust form blocking the thread and the handle. Jacks also allow for up to 10-degree inclination in order to absorb load eccentricity.

For all the above reasons, ALSHOR is possibly the best falsework system for concrete slabs.

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