Soho Mall, Panama City


Slab formwork made with independent panels of the Alshor Plus system and 2 levels of aluminum beams These panels move horizontally with wheels and vertically with “C” hook adapting to different free heights, with load capacities of up to 120 Kn per foot.

Detailed information

For the construction of the slab, our ALSHOR-type formwork system has been used, which is an aluminum formwork with a high load capacity, since it supports up to 120 kN per formwork foot.

The ALSHOR system has many peculiarities that make it stand out from the rest of falsework. Among these peculiarities, we find the rapid unloading system, through which, and once the concrete has sufficient capacity to support its own weight and allow stripping, the load of the mechanical jack is released in a simple way. , avoiding unnecessary efforts to the people who must manipulate the formwork while avoiding damaging the handles of said mechanical jacks.

Another of the peculiarities that it presents is the possibility of mounting the towers on the ground and once formed, being able to lift it with an auxiliary means, thus minimizing work at height and considerably reducing assembly times.

Also noteworthy is the mechanical jack, which has a 125 cm path, with a built-in measurement system, which facilitates leveling tasks. It has a self-cleaning system, so that concrete and other elements are prevented from filling the thread channels, preventing the handle from being blocked. It also stands out that the jack allows a rotation of between 10º, allowing a certain inclination of the base, reducing the eccentricity of the load.

Due to all of the above, the ALSHOR system is conferred as the best formwork system that can be counted on today for the realization of slabs.

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