Micropiles shoring at 51 Vazquez Varela st., Vigo


In groundshoring, it is quite common to link adjacent diaphragm walls using the props in order to come up with a clutter-free layout that will facilitate the excavation works.

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However, in this case, only one wall had to withstand ground pressure and required three propping levels. Due to the slope on the street, there was no adjacent wall where the top two propping levels could be anchored.

INCYE designed and installed a reaction structure that took the load on those props and transferred it to an ad-hoc foundation.

This structure is made up of two triangular systems arranged on perpendicular planes. The main triangle’s hypothenuses (two per prop) take the compression coming from the props and send it to the base. Because the props and this triangle are not on the same plane, a lateral force is originated, hence the need for a secondary triangular system whose hypothenuses take tension force.

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