Remodeling Plaza de España, Madrid


Do you know Incye’s Pipeshor and Megaprop heavy-duty systems?

These families can take high loads acting both horizontally and vertically, as in the success case we’re showcasing today.

The contractor in charge of Madrid’s Plaza de España renovation works requested our best solution for a set of shoring towers that could take the loads carried by the existing piers located under the deck of an overpass.

Incye’s engineering department came up with an optimal design of 4 heavy-duty towers, 2 of them using Pipeshor 4S for a vertical load of 440 tonnes per tower, and another 2 with Megaprop legs for a reaction of 180 tonnes per tower. All towers had 4 legs and used Incye300 header beams at the top.

Remodeling Plaza de España, Madrid

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