Access viaduct to Arosa Island, Pontevedra (Spain)


  The Dragados-Fergo Joint Venture, created for the rehabilitation works of the access viaduct to Arosa Island, commissioned Incye to deliver a trolley that would not interfere with traffic.

Our Engineering Department designed two trolleys starting at each end of the viaduct, thus allowing for independent progress.

Additional information

Each trolley featured:

  1. Enough width and height clearance that enabled traffic to circulate while the rehabilitation was in progress.
  2. Independent ladders on both sides of the deck that allowed for access to two platforms: intermediate (under the wings of the deck) and bottom.
  3. Full coverage of the inner surface of the deck by means of:
    • First level of collapsible platform (see drawings).
    • Bottom closure of the inner box using a sliding platform that could be accessed thorugh the collapsible platforms.
    • The combination of platforms enabled access to the entire deck while avoiding interference with piers.
  4. An all-in-one, symmetric arrangement resulting in no need for counteweights or anchorages (as is the case with asymmetric trolleys).
  5. Motion provided by means of rails and electric winches for traction.
  6. Optimized structure based on live load limitation. Design accounted for the type of machines used in the operation and the number of workers on each part of the trolley was kept to those strictly necessary.


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