Modular shoring system: MEGAPROP

At INCYE we offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of each building project or civil works. Our storage and manufacturing warehouse, located at the Torrejón del Rey Park with an area of 30,000m2 is equipped with all the necessary machinery for the manufacture of metal structures.

In our long history and experience we have designed a wide variety of unique products and equipment that, thanks to their level of quality, versatility, speed of assembly and efficiency, allow us to meet the specific requirements of each project at the best cost.

We supply formwork systems, falsework, façade retentions, props and shoring systems and a wide variety of accessories that can be used in many temporary work applications.

One of our featured products is Megaprop:

Megaprop: A modular shoring system with a high load capacity.

Modular shoring systems

Shoring is the action of placing props to provisionally support with wooden, metallic, or mixed frameworks, all or part of a building, construction or terrain as a matter of urgency and provisionally for repair, reform, excavation, etc.; to prevent its sinking or collapse.

Whatever the shoring system, it must always guarantee:

  • Safety for people
  • Resistance and stability to the loads to be transferred
  • Simplicity and speed of assembly

MEGAPROP modular prop

What is Megaprop?

Megaprop is a high capacity modular shoring system designed for axial loads up to 1,000 kN per foot. Megaprop is so versatile that it can be configured for a huge variety of applications: tunnels, formwork trolleys, diaphragm wall shorings, props, trusses, stabilizers, heavy-duty shoring towers, etc.

modular diaphragm wall shorings

The Megaprop system is a profiling system made up of composite beams, made up of two “C” profiles joined by clips located in different positions, which make up a highly versatile modular beam system with a high load capacity of up to 1,000 kN per foot. .

These beams can be configured as Simple PROP, Double 2×1 PROP or as TOWERS depending on the needs of the work. The structure will shore up crown beams, concrete piles or diaphragm walls In order to adapt to different types of works and the different needs that arise.

Megaprop Features: Modular Metal Shoring System

  • Multiple sizes. Eight prop sizes from 15mm to 5,400mm, plus a full range of accessories that allow the formation of supports, towers and structures of almost any shape and length.
  • Quality. Maximum quality in the production process, using minimum tolerance templates that ensure consistent and precise manufacturing. They provide good on-site assembly alignment, saving time for on-site modifications and labor costs.
  • Integration. Along each channel, there is a regular arrangement of drilled holes where RMDK’s Superslim beams are screwed. Thus a single structure is formed.
  • Compatibility. In addition to its high axial load capacity of 1,000 kN per foot and high axial stiffness, it can also be combined with RMDK Superslim beams, thus offering additional strength that allows the creation of individual or combined shoring towers of any dimension.
  • Mega PROPS. RMDK Superslim Beams joined with Megaprop Frames can be combined to form compositions of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 “Mega Props” capable of supporting even higher loads.
  • High load capacity and ahigh rigidity: it is adapted to the demands of applications for temporary support systems, elastomeric bearing replacement on bridges and Façade retention applications.
  • Many stock With a large volume of stock available, magnificent logistics and human team, Megaprop is always where it is needed and when it is needed, offering a quick response.

Megaprop appliances

Being a modular shoring system with high axial load capacity of up to 1,000 kN per foot and enormous versatility, Megaprop is the perfect system for various applications such as:

  • High load props
  • Façade retentions
  • frame-type falsework
  • trolleys for slabs and tunnels
  • Launching bridges
  • diaphragm wall shorings
  • elastomeric bearing replacement
  • traveling formwork trolley

Advantages of using Megaprop

  • Speed. Thanks to the enormous capacity of Megaprop, fewer components are needed, which means that the assembly plan is reduced, with the consequent saving of time and money.
  • Security. The high axial load capacity, 1,000 kN, and the axial stiffness make Megraprop the perfect system to meet the demands of high load applications, elastomeric bearing replacement, ground shoring and façade retentionss.
  • Ease. By having, as we have mentioned, eight sizes of props, ranging from 15mm to 5,400mm and a full range of standard accessories allows it to work with almost any length. In addition, when complemented with the Superslim beams from RMDK, it minimizes the need to work with custom-made equipment.

Some projects where Megaprop has been used

  • Basagoiti Viaduct (Mondragón, Spain)
  • elastomeric bearing replacement (Villafría, Spain)
  • Marseille Olimpic Velodrome Stadium (Marsella, France)
  • Albia Coliseum (Bilbao, Spain)
  • New access to the airport (Córdoba, Spain)

In the following link you can access all the technical data and components of Megaprop: See catalog

If you need more information about our products, solutions or any aspect of INCYE, do not hesitate to contact us.

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