La Ceramica Stadium, Villarreal (Spain)


INCYE was commissioned to design and erect two shoring towers to withstand the weight of a large steel truss (1.500 kN per tower) spanning over the goal stand of La Cerámica Stadium, home of Villarreal Football Club. The assembly took place in August 2022.

Additional information

The truss’ lower chords rest on two vertical jacks per tower, with a PTFE surface between the jacks and the truss allowing for unconstrained displacement parallel to the chords. The truss is transversely connected to each tower by means of a stump located under the truss and confined between two stopper brackets bolted to each tower’s header beams.

The towers are simply supported on the goal stand with the highest leg reaching 24 m above the stand. The legs are not anchored to the stand, due to the low bearing capacity of the stand’s seats. Therefore, the governing design conditions under the free-standing tower hypothesis were overturning stability (equilibrium ultimate limit state) and compression under all legs.

Under the stand, and in perfect vertical continuity of each leg, unbraced heavy-duty (Pipeshor, Incye’s tubular modular system) props were installed in order to carry the loads from towers’ base to the ground. This concept avoided the need for cutting windows in the stand.

On account of the magnitude of this undertaking, the Project Managers required the presence of turnbuckles designed to take horizontal loads of 300 kN parallel to the chords and 150 kN transversely, applied at the top of the towers.

The need to carry those loads to load-bearing elements in the stand resulted in very long turnbuckles: 27 m for two longitudinal struts and almost 20 m for one transverse prop. All 6 turnbuckles were designed using Pipeshor tubular system.

La Ceramica Stadium, Villarreal (Spain)

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