Remodeling Levante U.D. Stadium


INCYE designed, supplied and assembled the Megaprop heavy-duty propping towers for the new Levante UD stadium roof, and Pipeshor tubular props for propping under the stands, transferring these loads to the foundation. 28 towers tailored to each location support the different sectors of the roof before its total assembly.

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Levante U.D. football club decided to carry out the renovation of its Ciutat de Valencia stadium at the end of the 2019-20 season, commissioning Grupo Bertolin to carry out the work.

The highlight of the renovation was the installation of a spectacular roof over the entire stands.

The new roof has a total weight of 1,888 tons and a perimeter of 493 meters. For its installation, it was necessary to instal 28 temporary towers to support the different sectors of the roof, and allow welding work between them.
Due to the demanding conditions of the work, both technical and tight deadlines for its completion, Grupo Bertolín, taking into account INCYE’s great experience and technical capacity in carrying out this type of propping, trusted us as collaborators in the execution of the works, entrusting us with the design, supply and installation of the 28 propping towers supported on the stands, as well as the propping system under the latter to carry the loads to a lower slab with sufficient capacity.

The 28 propping towers were designed using our MEGAPROP equipment, with a load capacity of up to 1,000 kN per foot (4 feet per tower). These towers, up to 11.20 meters high, had to withstand vertical loads of up to 700 kN (unfactored) and horizontal loads due to friction forces.

Additional needs such as the capacity to absorb eccentricities in the application of loads per tower, as well as rotations in the support axis of the roof, made the design of the shoring more complex.

The towers rest on the stands, and in order to prevent the stands from suffering from load concentration, there is a prop under each of the feet of the propping towers. Thus, the entire load was transferred to a foundation slab at ground level.

One of the challenges in placing the propping under the stands was to avoid interference with existing structures and installations, making it necessary to minimize the need for both horizontal and diagonal bracing. That is why we decided to use free-standing heavy-duty props under each foot of the tower: PIPESHOR tubular system.

Remodeling Levante U.D. Stadium

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