Stabiliser Plaza Guipúzcoa 2, San Sebastián


For the construction of the Plaza de Gipuzkoa 2 Residential Complex in San Sebastian, our client asked us to install an external stabiliser on the two external façades that are protected.

For one of the façades, we installed a structure with Megaprop towers on counterweights and on the other façade, we had a constraint: under the pavement there is an underground electricity transformer station, so the concrete counterweights could not be placed attached to the façade.

In order to allow the counterweights to bridge the pavement, our Engineering Department designed a structure with Granshor towers, separated from the façade and connected to it by Superslim props.

Taking advantage of the space of this separation, we installed a canopy made with Superslim beams and T-200 timber beams for pedestrian protection and material storage.

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