San Fernando St. in Valencia


Facade stabilizer for a building located in valencia’s city center. The pedestrian typology of the street, the need to maintain access to the community garages as well as the circulation of emergency vehicles, represented a significant handicap for the stabilization of façade of this building, with a ground floor structure plus three floors.

Additional information

Not only was it necessary to facilitate the passage space with the finished structure, but it was also necessary to maintain it during the assembly work, without the possibility of total road closures.

Another key aspect for the design of the structure was the need to reduce assembly time as much as possible, in order to minimize its impact on circulation.

Thanks to the characteristics of the new INCYE Granshor Lattice, in its application as a stabilization tower, which combines maximum rigidity with a minimum section, it has been possible to carry out this project, with a minimum occupation of the street and all the guarantees for the stabilization of this façade, allowing the complete demolition of the interior of the building, for the subsequent construction of a new structure for its future use as an aparthotel.

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