Façade retention in Padre Jofre st. Valencia


Façade retention for a property located in downtown Valencia. Located on a pedestrian street, it was a basic condition to maintain access to the surrounding parking lots as well as the circulation of delivery vehicles. Therefore, minimal occupation of the street was a critical condition in the design of the façade retention system of this ground floor plus four story building.

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The requirement to maintain accessibility also applied to the assembly works, so it was not allowed to block the street.

Another key aspect in the design of the structure was the need for the concrete counterweights not to be too high in order to facilitate the pouring of concrete thus minimizing the execution time and allowing for the erection of the steel towers on top of them.

The client also required the erect vertical posts at the top of the structure, for the installation of lifelines for the workers to safely demolish the roof.

INCYE’s new Granshor truss, in its application as a stabilization tower, combining high stiffness with minimal depth, led to the fulfilment of all design requirements and helped deliver a winner solution.

This structure allows for the retention of building’s façade, making possible the complete demolition of the interior structure, for the subsequent construction of a new structure to be used as an aparthotel.

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